(The one letter that can literally change your future in 15 minutes or less)

Who is this for: To the individual who lays awake at night hoping the future is better than the present.

Remember this date:


Lets begin by saying up-front...


You can relax. Take a breath and allow for your skepticism to leave your mind for just a second. Reason being is because you'll want to seriously consider the offer that's being presented to you today.

And here it is...

If there were system that allowed you to achieve over $20,000+ per month from home, with NO selling, NO chasing down family a and friends, and literally could be run with about 10-15 hrs per week, would that be something you'd be open to learning more about?


Before you answer, allow me to do one thing for you. And that's share with you HOW this system works and HOW this money can be made, legally, ethically and conveniently, around whatever schedule you presently have.

But first, here's a tease of what your future could hold...




  • You're building up cash reserves in excess of $100,000
  • You're buying ASSETS like real estate, gold and silver
  • You're eliminating debt, altogether, relying on CASH
  • You're sleeping in, waking up when your body tells you too
  • You're eating better, buying higher quality foods, so you feel good
  • You're spending time with your kids, family members, friends
  • You're able to contribute time AND money to charities, social events
  • You're able to PROVIDE + BE PRESENT + BE ATTENTIVE (More on this a little later)

All of this and a lot more is available to you on the $500K side of the fence

Listen, I'll be the first to openly admit that what I am proposing sounds a little 'too good to be true'. But just stick with us this because you're about to get a degree in How To Make $500K right now...



Scams typically prey on the weak, broke and fragile minded. They promote something that's the latest secret to King Solomons mine, and often times, closing up shop before you get any legitimate chance of recouping your money.

Don't worry. We've all been there. Myself included. This one time, back in 2004, I sent off $2500 to join a program called Life Without Debt. 2 weeks later, the guy who ran the program was confronted at his PO Box by U.S. Marshalls for tax evasion. Needless to say, it was bye-bye $2500.

But you wanna know the truth?

If the push button, get rich the lazy way worked, we'd all be rich and lazy, yet here we are, still doing life the same as we did a year ago.

Am I right? If those push button, 'get rich in your underwear' deals really took off and made a fortune for those who got in, then there'd be a lot more people making a lot more money.

Sadly, that's not the case. And it's not entirely your fault, either.

You get pitched on these dreams of easy gold daily. The hucksters who run these programs know that a % of the people who see their offer won't be able to resist the carrot at the end of the stick. So they buy, get in, and are dealt a smoke-n-mirrors bag of B.S.


So How Is This Offer Any Better?

Glad you asked.

For starters, as previously mentioned, there is absolutely nothing to buy right now. The only goal of this letter is to provide to you a lot of VALUE in advance in the form of ideas and inspiration.

You can then take this information and do as you please. It will serve well, regardless of where you end up.

With that being said, lets show you something cool, shall we?


The 2 Main Reasons Why You're Not Seeing
The Big Money (YET) Are...

1 Reason #1: TRAINING
You don't have a clear blueprint on how to create the exact future you want (ie., TRAINING)
2 Reason #2: LEADS
You don't have access to a SYSTEM that will help you generate the leads required (ie., LEADS)

We'll break this down for you a little further, starting with Reason #1.

Meet Bob.

He'll be our imaginary new friend. Bob is 41, married, has 2 kids, a mortgage and 2 car payments. He works about 55 hours a week as a computer tech at a large firm on the West Coast. His cost of living is high which makes his $87,000 per year salary not enough to make ends meet.

His struggle is clear. He's got more money going out than is coming in.

So he's using Visa and Mastercard to make up for the difference. Which you and I both know that's like playing with a loaded gun. But he feels as though there is no alternative.

He's responded to ads, bought home business magazines from Barnes and Noble, is on mailing lists galore, etc... He's even attended numerous webinars, live streams and conference calls. He's got about $2k to put into a deal if he felt like he'd get the support needed to make it work.

You see, joining a biz opp is EASY. You register, send in your money and you're in. Done. It's literally that painless. The PROBLEM begins when guys like Bob enroll but don't get any training to help them move forward.

They need access to tools, training and resources that they can plug into so they have a fighting chance to make some money.

Like Franchising, for example. If someone puts down $250,000 for a Papa Johns, they'll need access to training to learn how to make that new store work. Without it, their won't be much of a success story.

Some of the available training options for our partners are:

  • Live weekly webinars, so members can ask questions, and feel like part of the team
  • Access to a Preferred Provider list of vendors, resources and instructions
  • Phone and email support to address questions, field concerns, etc.
  • Duplicatable marketing tools like capture pages, auto-webinars, etc.

Next, lets discuss Reason #2, as its probably the most important.

Ok, so Bob is back with us again. Say Hi Bob.

Only this time around, Bob has joined a high ticket, direct sales opportunity that he's excited about. It's giving him access to all of the training he needs to give him the confidence to go out and make money from home.

In addition, they're giving him the tools needed to go out and get LEADS effective immediately!

Bob is a smart guy. He knows that without access to a steady, predictable lead source, that delivers quality opt-ins daily, there is little to no chance for any real money to be made.

Using a high quality Phone Marketing System, Bob can sit back and allow technology to seek out + attract + collect new leads every day. All he does then is make sure that those new leads are getting the information they need to make an intelligent, well informed decision about his particular high ticket opportunity.

One day, he gets a question from one of his new leads...

"What's the fastest path to freedom, as I am I literally sick-n-tired over stressing about finances"?

Not an unusual question, by any means. (In fact, a lot of people ask this question or something similar)


The answer is simple: PROMOTE A HIGH TICKET OFFER

Here's the reality of the situation.

Too many good folks come online, thinking that a $20 program is the cure to their money worries. It's not. Most often, it actually makes the problem worse because you naively believe the program is going to make you rich, therefore you spend more time, effort, energy and money trying to make it work.

The real money, the big money, the lifestyle money is in HIGH TICKET SALES. Period. End of story. Something that will deliver a commission typically in the $500 and up range, more so $3500 and higher. You can make more money in less time with less effort leveraging a HIGH TICKET offer than peddling $20 deals all day long.

Enter in Exhibit A.

$500,000 / 12 months = $41,666 per month

Here's how this plays out in your favor...

$41,166 / 4 weeks = $10,291 per week
$10,291 / 7 days = $1,470 per day

Most people working a "9-5" job can earn $1470 per week and have a rather comfortable living. There's nothing with that. It's noble to pay the bills and be a provider.

But if you desire to be RICH, you can't "settle" for being able to just pay the bills. You will need to think and act like an entrepreneur who goes from $1470 week to $1470 a day.

How, you ask?

By leveraging and deploying SYSTEMS that shorten the time it takes to make that kind of money.


Here's The Recipe To Millions That
No One Is Talking About...

Now, here are 2 myths that a lot of folks falsely believe:

For as little as $10 a day, you can get 1-2 high quality leads who are ready to take you up on your offer. It's true. $10 a day can buy your freedom back from a JOB, BOSS or LIFESTYLE that presently sucks. So long as you combine your marketing efforts with the correct HIGH TICKET offer.

Is this making sense, for ya? I hope so. As I've spilled the beans on what people "in the know" have secretly known for years to crank out fortunes from home, to provide for their families, to never (I repeat, NEVER) miss an important life event and to be focused on the here and now, not pre-occupied wondering if a creditor is going to call during dinner.


If You Don't Have Money In Your Bank Account And You're 35 Or Older, You Should Be Embarrassed

You got to step back and really check yourself and what you're doing. Ask yourself is this working for me? Am I getting what I want out of this? Do I want to spend the next 40 + years working, only to end up struggling and bitter about missed opportunities?

This is all stuff that you have to really consider. No one can lead you to water and make you drink. You have to step forward, and CLAIM it as your own.


Douse The Delusions And Snap Back Into Reality

Your future begins right now. You can choose to continue to stay on the path you're on OR you can elect to see what options are available to you elsewhere. The simple fact that you're reading these very words tells me that your open minded enough to consider the alternative. And that's all we can ask for. Just a few minutes of your time, to see if what we have (COULD) be a right fit for you.



tim berger

PS: Why are you down here, in the PS section? You should be clicking on the APPLY FOR A POSITION ON OUR MARKETING TEAM RIGHT NOW link as instructed!

PSS: Of course you do have the option of taking this information and going out to do your own thing. You have the foundation to build off of. You can take this page and create your own future from it.

But why go through the hassle? We have everything you need. The only missing piece is YOU.


PSSS: The other day, Family Feud host, Steve Harvey, taught his live studio audience a valuable lesson...


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